Choice Based Credit System

Outline of Choice-Based Credit System :

  • Core Course: A course, which should compulsorily be studied by a candidate as a core requirement is termed as a Core course.
  • Elective Course: Generally a course that can be chosen from a pool of courses and which may be very specific or specialized advanced or supportive to the discipline/ subject of study which provides an extended scope or which enables exposure to some other discipline/subject/domain or nurtures the candidate’s proficiency/skill is called an Elective Course.
  • Discipline Specific Elective (DSE) Course (2 Each for regular courses): Elective courses may be offered by the main discipline/subject of study is referred to as Discipline Specific Elective. The University/Institute may also offer discipline-related Elective courses of an interdisciplinary nature (to be offered by the main discipline/subject of study).
  • Dissertation/Project: An elective course designed to acquire special/advanced knowledge, such as supplement study/support study to project work, and a candidate studies such a course on his own with an advisory support by a teacher/faculty member is called dissertation/project.
  • Generic Elective (GE) Course: An elective course chosen generally from an unrelated discipline/subject, to seek exposure is called a Generic Elective.
  • P.S.: A core course offered in a discipline/subject may be treated as an elective by another discipline/subject and vice versa and such electives may also be referred to as Generic Electives.

Ability Enhancement Courses (AECC)/Competency Improvement Courses/Skill Development Courses/Foundation Course :

The Ability Enhancement (AE) Courses may be of two kinds: AE Compulsory Course (AECC) and AE Elective Course (AEEC). “AECC” courses are courses based on the content that leads to Knowledge enhancement. They ((i) Environmental Science, (ii) English/MIL Communication) are mandatory for all disciplines. AEEC courses are value-based and/or skill-based and are aimed at providing hands-on training, competencies, skills, etc. Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course (AECC): Environmental Science, English Communication/MIL Communication.

  • Skill Enhancement Courses (SEC) (Minimum 4): These courses may be chosen from a pool of courses designed to provide value-based and/or skill-based instruction
  • Contact Hours: each course has 5 lectures and 1 tutorial per week in the case of DSC, DSE and GE courses 4 lectures and 2 practical/tutorials per week in SEC Courses.
  • Duration of Study: This is a three-year course. The degree will be awarded when the candidate clears all courses within a max. Period of 5 years from the date of admission to this course

NOTE: A candidate failing in either one or two subjects/papers will be given a compartment in that subject/papers and will be eligible for promotion to the next class. Two chances (one at the supplementary stage and one at the annual exam stage will be given to clear the compartment .candidate failing in three or more subjects/paper will be treated as failed in that year and will be required to repeat the entire year.

1st Year AECC -I English 4
AECC –II Environmental Science 4
Compulsory Hindie 6
Compulsory English 6
DSC – 1A (Main subject) 6
DSC – 1B (Main subject) 6
DSC – 2A (Second subject) 6
DSC-2B (Second Subject) 6 44
2nd Year Compulsory Hindi 6
Compulsory English 6
DSC – 1C (Main Subject) 6
DSC – 1D (Main Subject) 6
DSC – 2C (Second Subject) 6
DSC–2D (Second Subject) 6
SEC-1 (Main Subject) 4
SEC-2 (Main Subject) 4 44

Course structure for the 5th and 6th Semester students.

5th Semester DSE-1 Main Course 6
DSE-2 Other Course 6
SEC-1 4
Generic-1 6 22
6th Semester DSE-3 6
DSE-4 6
SEC-2 4
Generic-2 6 22

Choosing a Programme of Study: Candidate seeking admission in B.A. The Programme is required to choose one of the disciplines listed below as a Main Subject (DSC-1) which comprises two papers. Thereafter the student will have to choose one Other Subject (DSC-2) from the list of subjects as given in the Groups, it will also comprise two papers.

Permitted Subject Combination for Main Subjects and Second Subject or Other Subject:
Choose any two subjects from the same Group; one as Main Subject DSC-1 and the second as Other or Second Subject DSC-2.

  • Group A: English. Political Science, Music, Pub. Administration.
  • Group B: Hindi, Sanskrit, History, Sociology.
  • Group C: Mathematics, Economics, Geography.

Note : Both subjects should be from the same group. List of the main Subjects with their Titles, Codes, and Marks allotment :

Sr. No Main Subject Title of the Paper Code of the Paper Term End Exam Marks Mid-term, Assignment / Class Test / Attendance Total Marks
1 English English Literature-1 DSC 1A ENG DSC101 70 10+10+5+5=30 100
English Literature-2
ENG DSC102 70 10+10+5+5=30 100
2 Hindi DSC-1 HIND101 70 10+10+5+5=30 100
Hindi Sahitya ka Itihas HIND102 70 10+10+5+5=30 100
3 Sociology Introduction to sociology SOCL-A 101 70 10+10+5+5=30 100
Society in India SOCL-A102 70 10+10+5+5=30 100
4 Public
Administrative Theory PUBA
70 10+10+5+5=30 100
Indian Administration PUBA-102 70 10+10+5+5=30 100
5 Pol. Science Introduction to Political Theory POLS-101 70 10+10+5+5=30 100
Indian Govt. Politics POLS102 70 10+10+5+5=30 100
6 History History from Earliest time to  C3000CE HIS(A)101 70 10+10+5+5=30 100
History of India c300-1206 HIS(A)102 70 10+10+5+5=30 100
7 Economics Microeconomics-I ECONA101 70 10+10+5+5=30 100
Microeconomics-II ECONA102 70 10+10+5+5=30 100
8 Sanskrit Sanskrit Kavya SKTDSC-101 70 10+10+5+5=30 100
Sanskrit Gadya Kavya SKT-DSC102 70 10+10+5+5=30 100
9 Music Theory of Indian Music+Practical MUSA
35+15(Internal) 5+5+5 50+50
Theory of Indian Music+Practical MUSA
35+15(Internal) 5+5+5 50+50
10 Geography Physical Geography GEOGP 101 CC 70 15+5+5+5 100
General Cartography GEOGP 102CC 50+20(Practical) 15+5+5+5 100
11 Mathematics Differential Calculus MATH
70 15+5+5+5 100
Differential Equation MATH
70 15+5+5+5 100

For the convenience of students and to avoid clashes three groups of main subjects have been formed.

Step Wise Process :

  • The student has to select one MAIN Course (Discipline Specific Course 1 or DSC-1) from the list of Main Subjects from one of the group i.e. either from A, B or C.
  • After selecting the Main Course the student has to select one more subject which is called Other Subject or Second Subject (Discipline Specific Course DSC 2) from the same group.
  • After selecting Main and Other subjects, student has to select four other subjects which are compulsory for B.A. and B.Com 1st Year Students. The list of these four subjects is below :
  • Compulsory English (ENG CE 101)
  • Compulsory Hindi
  • AECC English/ Hindi
  • AECC Environment.